Please pray that me and my ex-fiancé get back together. He is dealing with a lot mentally and He has abandoned me in a state where I know no one & took all his things and left me. I am now having to move back to my home state with no money or anywhere to go. I have to leave in 2 weeks when the lease is up here. I have no apartment, or car etc. I’m battling so much right now having to try to start my life over now. i’m in a state 5 hrs from my family trying to get back to them. All I can do is trust God. I don’t have anything. I’m also asking for prayers for my family. They have been living in a hotel for 3 years now barely making it. My dad has walked out of my family & took all the cars & refuses to help with money & stranded them. he is a narcissist, and my mom is divorcing him which is why he is doing this. I pray that God blesses them (my mom, twin siblings, grandfather) with a house very soon. they have been trying for 3 years now. Please pray for my mom as she has been doing EVERYTHING the past 3 years with no car & walking to work & getting my twin siblings to school etc. all while caring for her sickly 83yr old dad. All 4 of them are living in a 2-bedroom hotel trying to make it each and every day. It’s been such a hard time. I pray for warfare, reconciliation and my family. We need a miracle!

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