Prayer request

The prayer for today is I came across this person and my brother actually came across this person the community she ended up stealing someone like my brother they supposedly married but I don’t believe in their marriage I really think it’s adultery he already has the moment’s children but in-laws relationship intervened in my life and outside influences after my marriage and this man I married he’s walking around like he doesn’t care when he has no say so of what he did so I really don’t I’m really hurt I think she’s just saying it because she found out that the mom of my of the nephews my nephews their mom is actually a nurse and she became a nurse because she knew me so did my sister she became a nurse is probably calling but then I don’t know how this happened I just wish it would not have happened it took away from traditional family value but I so much need it to see my brother that girl has already two girls and I just pray repentance for myself I don’t know what to believe crazy I just pray for me I don’t want people taking away from my knowledge anymore in my career path thinking just that meeting me it’s a connection to a career path when it’s not and I can’t talk business with him really cuz I don’t want like too many people have already benefited from I don’t want to benefit other people anymore for too many years I suffered from lack of income I just pray Lord teach me how to pray in the situation