help with everything

Please pray for my mother, karen and father, joe. Please pray for my brother elias for him to find peace and have a healthy work environment. please pray for my sister katie and all that she has done to help me and everyone else. please pray for my brother ben and all that he has done, please pray for my brother joseph and for him to get an a in ela since it has been so hard for him, please pary for my sister sarah to get at least c’s this cemester to continue onto vet school. Please pray for my family and friends to have great and peaceful lives. Please help the poor and hungry people and the people who are struggling. please pray for me. I am really trying and working but i dont think it will be enough this year to get a’s on my exams. Please pray for me to get good leap scores this year especially on science and social studies but also math and ela. please pray for me to stop getting so nervous and anxious about things. And finally please pray for jesus and god who have helped me get so far in this world.

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