Healing & Safe passage home w/no more fees

My husband went on a business trip to Italy in April. In the taxi on the way from airport to hotel, he was stabbed repeatedly, robbed and left on the streets to die. A Good Samaritan took him to a hospital, he lost much blood, had punctured lung and broken scapula – he was refused treatment until I could send a down payment to the hospital.

I am a disabled senior – unable to walk – essentially homebound.  He has had one infection after another and when he tries to come home he is harrassed and repeatedly fined for “overstay” which was not his fault.


im facing eviction if he isn’t home soon, but he was just hospitalized again with a high fever.


I have been praying without ceasing,


any prayer for his health, safety and swift safe passagdd Ed home would be greatly appreciated.


thank you