Hello, I have lost two siblings to death since Aug. 5. I lost three siblings in one year and my mom in 21. Its a lot to deal with..I am anxious, frustrated and mad…Also at work I have noticed people seem sour towards me. I work in a prison as a cto..case manager. I need prayer to get along with others and be friends. I need prayer for success and wisdom in my job and knowledge that I work right and am bold and do what needs to be done…No matter what……I need GOD to help me…to grant me grace and favor.I just hate some friends seem cold to me…I hate it I guess some do not know how to handle all my recent tragedy….Also I am close to closing on a mortgage on a house. Pray if GOD will it happens and pray GOD makes it happen for me. I need a place where there are no rodents and a better place to live..Pray I can pay it off and own my house thank u…Please pray I feel better and grow in GOD and do His calling on my life. Last pray I find a spouse and have a family. I am 47 so I feel like time is running out for me..

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