Healing prayer. Also, prayer for a grieving family and their loved one to rest in peace.

Please pray that my thyroid nodule goes away, and I do not need surgery ever on it. I not have strokes, stress, anxiousness, anxiety, or such, although I fear nothing of God, heaven, or death. I as God understands cannot lose or leave behind some family or loved ones and stuff on earth yet. Pray for my full healing and reviving from head to toe. Myfeet be good, no circulation or arch issues, and no amputations or surgery needed. I not be or become paralyzed ever. My friend’s grandmother Francis Lucido rest in peace, and her grieving family be okay as they grieve. I am sorry I misunderstood at first the actual date she was deceased. However, God knows her well, since she did her rosary often and she believed strongly in God and was Catholic. I hope to just let her rest in peace, regardless of how funny I feel to have misunderstood her actual day of decease.