HEALING for my husband and my family

Hi, I am asking prayer treatment for my husband, Gary F for a breakthrough with CLARITY, SELF AWARENESS; acknowledging abusive, vengeful, codependent, selfish, hurtful, & manipulative behavior, EMOTIONAL HEALING with negative patterns and bad habits, and taking responsibility & accountability for his actions instead of blaming others or projecting. EVERYBODY who is close to him sees it, but nobody says anything to him because his reaction is angry & extreme, they are afraid. He retaliates with vengeance. It is not just me that is effected, his children are involved and there have been incidents that they were put in danger when I was not there; please pray that somebody else comes forward to help him see he has a problem and is in need of therapy & counseling, at this point, possibly medication. Gary is very imbalanced from obvious alcohol dependency he denies, possibly Bipolar, definitely has addiction, personality disorder, & obsession issues, PLEASE pray that these things are brought to light to heal & recover before somebody gets hurt. PLEASE help, I am so depressed, physically ill, and desperate for relief from the hurtful behavior & difficult positions Gary puts me in. Gratitude for your spiritual intervention, it’s the last resort for Gary’s challenging issues. God bless

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