God’s is bigger then man

Father God prayed that you send the powerful letter to Washington DC to the postmaster general and the tn district to removed this supervisor dujune and station mgr brack for the hostile workplace and stealing time delay mail cursing calling employees out of they name talking about certain employees like a dog  then Father God removed and replaced the area mgr of this city for allowing the hostile stealing time delay mail cursing Father God send the request to bring in a new area mgr from out of town 2022 so many customers and employees have been abused on the lost of mail pain bullying by certain employees who call people snitches but they the one who stealing time delay mail cursing rural rt have purr been mesh over customers have lost clients do to paper work and mail not being delivered Father God prayed that you sentence theses mgrs in a federal government law  amen amen Jesus Jesus the storm in this station workplace have been tremendously affected some employees get treated like dogs Towns and brack make fun of certain employees those clerk’s who stand behind them cause mgrs scratch they back stealing time for them but 2022 no doubt how much the usps have losses in revenue theses two mgrs think they done won a championship in victory they lie they way thru and the area mgr allowed them But God’s see everything and is bigger then man 🙏 

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