General Prayer Request

I repent of my sins, I forgive everyone, pray for all men to be saved, pray for all leaders, pray for everyone in Ukraine, ban abortions, ban gay marriages, ban prostitutions, ban porn, ban all kinds of weapons, ban death penalties, pardon all criminals, ban Satanism, ban child labor, resolve world hunger, peace in Jerusalem, bless & heal Pastor Derrick with everything he truly needs for his own recovery, to have Brittany Hall to be my wife for good & forever, bless me & Brittany with the very best of everything we need for our own happiness, bless my mom with the best of everything she needs for her own well-being, bless my Dad with the finest fruit trees in the world, bless the poor & destitute, heal & cure all kinds of sicknesses & diseases, bless us all with everything we have always wanted & needed, bring back our loved ones from the dead, restore all families, restoration for the world due to the pandemic, re-open all churches, bless & pray for everybody, ban sex change surgeries, bless the world with the very best Christmas ever, make everything else all right.

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