For healing and restoration of my family

My name is Patience I’m 26 years old. On August 3,2022 I had 2 severe strokes and multiple small ones. I went to Cullman Regional Medical Center where I was discharged and sent home. They said that I was having a overdose on heroin and I’ve never even seen it. I went to UAB and I still wasn’t treated for 6 hours. So I left and went to Princeton Baptist Medical Center where they knew within 30 minutes that I had two severe strokes and multiple small ones and was being treated. I was rushed in for my first brain surgery and had another the following morning. At that time I was placed on a ventilator and put into a medically induced comma for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks of that I was taken off the ventilator and discharged to Lakeshore Rehabilitation Center where I stayed for 20 days.on September 9 I was discharged and sent home. They didnt anticipate me ever walking again. The day I was sent home I stood up for the first time since August 3rd. I came home unaware that Cullman County Department of Human Resources had taken my children and placed them with my step grandma and my grandfather. My step grandma called DHR on August 8th while I was in a comma and told them that I was given a hot shot, overdosed, and was in critical condition. They have since filed for custody of the children. We have proven to DHR she lied and that I had several strokes not an overdose. My grandfather has been an alcoholic my entire life and I’ve not had anything to do with my step grandma or grandfather in nearly 20 years. My real father spent the better part of 20 years in prison. I have since taught myself to walk, talk, and write. With no insurance I attend physical therapy twice a week.i was discharged from occupational therapy yesterday. And I’m very dedicated to getting my children and life back. I just want to be healthy and I want my children here with me for the holidays.

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