Financial miracle

I need a miracle. I left my country to come to the US to do Bible school. I currently have $2,773 to pay today and If I don’t pay I’ll be unable to attend classes. I’m late on my rent, food, groceries, and to top it all off, there’s a girl in my small group who bullies me and blows up at me whenever I cross her. I don’t have the physical and mental capacity to keep going and I feel like I want to give up. I need 2,773 today to stay in school and I really need a miracle. Please help me. It feels like I’m alone in this and I don’t know why God isn’t helping me in this; I feel so discouraged, and I feel like giving up. I don’t really have the fight In me. I’ll need $3,000USD to stay in school, and 2,000 to see my family at Christmas. Please help!

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