Fienedships. Life and confusionns

  Hi i would llike a prayer for a friend of mine.  We domt see. Eye to eye.  Its been happinh sense day. We mat.   She Doesnt treat me right has a person and as a.  Woman. And as a woman thats imperfect.  She rather lie and manipulatimg she rather.  Sit there and judge. She rather.  Think that she is the only one that is nit going tjrew something. Her. Boyfriend.  She worships him. Alot.     Sjes very smart but she lets her knowledge.     Get the best of her. She lets. The internet   Crowd and.  Mis lead her judgments.        Amd she mis lead what we ay to her she takes it as if we dont understand Or dont know what we saying.  We helped her more then they ever helped us.  They know my situations and yet she and her boyfriend. Dont care. They csre about gaining money wise use and all then. To.  Actually.      Be a. An understanding. Souls.  There reationship is no. Better then. Ours but they act like it is.  They. Think they are more. Special. The. Anyone of us.   She thinks by having kids obsessed to have kids by trapping our friend. They both lie to each  other.    They both dont wana be homest with each other.   She thinks i want him. But i dont.  I havr my own husband that is facing.  A.  Perty case against. Him.    And. The devil making us the bait.  They cant even.   Keep. Up with.   There lies.  Theey using his csse and us and. All agianst him.  Its very. Complicated and. Uniqe case.  Bc here they are nit supposed. Have done what they. Said ans did.  They breaking up a. Family home. And guess. Everyone else. Is balming and treating me bad. Tmcant enjoy my kids. With ou.  Both our parents.    Getting upset. And offfering. Then gettin upset they they also hold grugdes against us.  I cheated on my husband.  And i regret it.  But he. Wants to think hes my. Unborn childs father i was already. Early in my Pregancy and he didnt one so ever.   Gave me my daughter the one i cheated.    Outside my. Relationship.  He is very. Hard headed.     Need prayers for this.and.   and i struggle no one helps me i have no support systems.    Married man trie to be with me.  They get jalous and. It bthers them i am not trying to date no married man.  And man left to write wanna date me.   Or want a relationship Or a romantic relationship with me i don’t want it.  But they dont respect that.    They rather. Listen to themesles. Instead of being friends.  Just friends. Thet rather.   Wana.  Have sexual realtions with me then.       Respect. What i want.    My friends.  Come over they hamg out.  I known them for.  A year or years.  They see my situations they seee my struggles.  And they. Dont care.  Then they. All get mad.   We been there for them. Helped them even.    Supoortd them all we dont ask them for nothing iiinn return. Or.  Hold grudges nothing.  But. They like to.  Blame and shame and judge and. Put us down. And lie. Give us.  Hell eveeyday none stop we just want god to intevene and expose them all.   And we can eveen. Enjoy our family.  Even though. We all messed up. And going against each other. That they all. Blaming us for Eveey thing my. Husnand. Our kids grandparents. Geez. They.     Dont know.  When to back of a little let us. Enjoy and raise our own kids.   His dad.       Likes nagging to. Much. And. He got a strange. Way of. Expressing himself. Hes more of a tough one to.  Talk to.   Please pray thst our enemies that the will get exposed bc weare tired of the. Same years.  This been years.  Snese today been going on.  Nothing iw wroking nothing is going rignt in our lifes.  T i belive god. Can.   Do something about this.  Big fiasco. That been happining in. Both our lives.  We wanna live our lifes in peace.  And not have to deal wiyh eveeyone. Nagging snd all this and dramas what he she say or did or didnt do.  Im consnet getting stressed about bc no one knows when to.  Stop.     Thank you 

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