I am asking for sincere prayers starting right this second . I asked the Ronald Harlin is lifted up so high in prayer that he can not run from it any longer.  I pray that his heart can  be opened to recieve these prayers and he is delivered in the most powerful way possible. Clean his heart from the lust and weakness of sexual activites with multiple women and heal the relationship he was just in 2 weeks ago. Please restore all the negative back to positive and the mean and cold treatment he is giving Lynn. Lynn loves him unconditionally and put up with alot of his personality disorder and gas lights when he cant have his way, Let me explain why I request this pray. Ron never trusted women and was never in any real relationships, Lynn placed a light in his life and started to change Ron. Ron was on his way to really settling down and building with her something special. Because his ego and need for attention along with everyone looking up to him for being the man . That man they called ICE . Ice was cold hearted and cut women off back to back and keep five or six women at a time. Lynn shut that down last year and they began to build , but some of his old ways came back and people got in his ear. Not sure who and why but they did and Ron has to prove to others he is not weak for a woman and he still is the man. Father , you created Ron and you already understand his battles please deal with him accordingly to how he has done Lynn . Ron was show her attention ,love and spoiling her up until that evil seed hit his ear and illusions of what is began. I have a few names on the list LORD that needs immediate prayer because they maybe a portion of why his behavior is gased up and it saddens me to even think about how cold and hurtful people can be. I lifted these names in highest of prayer and for each to be cleansed , delivered and touched so greatfully that all they can do is focus on their business and finally recieve the love they yearn for as well. Trilla, Gayla, Amy, Trisha,Linda, Angie, Nikki, Dolly, Domique, Lablonda, Sabrina, Alberta and any others that play a major role. Tony, Donald,Daniel and Larry . I pray this very second that a voive from you LORD is delivered into his ear and he can see the wrong he done and to release the bondage from those stopping what love he and Lynn was having and building. LORD Ron is weak in sex, weak to having to have control over everything and hates letting emotions out. Ron loved Lynn watching movies, going to lake, out to eat and enjoying cabins and air b n bs bring it back and make it stronger than ever with them. Oh, mighty and powerful GOD I ask you sincerely to anoint this prayer, her prayers and see that they come out together on top. Ron had Lynns full attention and she would keep  his home clean and in order , she rub his feet , clip his toes and cared as she still does about his well being. Is it possible to replace them and cover them , let Ron know its okay to come back to her please because he plays this role of a man who dont want to look weak going back to his ex. Place this desire in him so strong he cant run they were good together. I need you al that are praying to please tripple these prayers and help see a man that fears loves be finally open and let lynn back in . Run away those standing in the mist of their joy. Father tonight I ask you to speak louder than ever to RON and make him see Lynns face the way he use to . All Lynn wanted was to internally take care of Ron, give him visions teach him new things take him new places and clean him up. She believed in him and is trusting in you to fix it . Together we can make blessing pour down on them and because of this prayer being honestly sincere I ask that the request is granted. Ron had felt unloved as a child from his mother, so women meant nothing to him, many women he delt with were okay with him having multiple women. Lynn was teaching him how to settle down and they spoke about marriage as well so please bring these desires back stronger than ever in his heart and mind. Ron , I ask to be ligted unlike ever before and his heart is able to recieve this prayer , the love , understnading, desire and change to come fix what he broken behind his confused heart and fears. LORD visit him tonigh in a special untocuhable way speak to him words of wisdom , reality and make him face the demons that are attacking his soul to do what he has been doing. . FIX him , reprogram him to do better and give him courage to to call Lynn and fix this heart ache. I pray that Linda B will just stop calling him and find her a new match and stop . Darkness around or in Ron to lighten up and show Lynn to him so bright that he cant do nothing but recieve it and come back for it. I rebuke his weakness , I rebukw how he is making Lynn feel, I rebuke his home from opening up and feeding into his weakness , I rebuke the acces to his soul from the selfish ways , ego, lost moves and unclean directions. I rebuje the pain he cause because of proving to otehrs he is notweak or dont fall in love at 53 he must stop and face this .LORD you created him so change him please. He loves Lynn in many ways and if you can please help them both heal and come back together please. Lynn has delt with so much and she genuienuely loves him and has so much forgivenss in her heart see this prayer request answered. Deliver them bboth from darkness and touch areas of their hearts like never before. As Ron lays at home in bed tonight please pay him a visit like you never visited him before. Make him feel it and act on his love for Lynn she is special and he once prayed for her and he got her . Ron needs you FATEHR so please show up. IN THE POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS AMEN

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