Please pray for Clifton, Michael and Kanesha with Ben. Also please pray for Kanesha. They are in a desperate situation and do not know what to do with their lives. I am having a hard time talking to these people about the Lord and Saviour. They may have some form of retardation that their doctors have not diagnoses. My son is one of them. Please help us in prayer and fasting because we need God to come here and help us out. Their is no one here to lead us to the throne of grace. Now is the time to raise up in God and have a dutiful mind about work. We are having a hard time here in this world. This is a small town and we have to be careful of what we do here. There are spititual factors that clash here big time at certain times of the year. We are working hard to fulfill God’s work and have no idea what is going to happen from day to day. Also please pray for Chad and Stacey. Their is a person named Pamela that we do not understand in her life. Please lift her up in prayer and fasting and help her to find her place in life.