Wife wants to leave the marriage.

It’s been a wild chaotic ride. Besides all the emotional turmoil, feelings of lying and betrayal, lack of commitment, etc  I feel like my wife somewhere along the line decided she couldn’t be with me, and has been looking for reasons ever since. It’s been extremely difficult to have a simple conversation. I have become the utter villain in her eyes + she shares with others. I believe she has over shared repeatedly with her kids, ex-husband, kept two exes in her life, it’s been absolutely the opposite of what we said we were going to do.

I need to move on healthfully. If she’s done, she’s done. But, I am asking that truth, justice, transformation, vindication, repentance for all of us, forgiveness  sanctification in miracles abound, in Jesus name

also asking for the appropriate legal, financial, emotional and spiritual prudence, power and favor to abound.

The enemy has had a heyday. My wife text me yesterday basically saying it’s OK to admit mistakes.

she has a lot of trauma that she said she said she’d healed from, but I think a lot of it is still disassociated.

she told me ~ two months ago the Holy Spirit convicted her sabotage, I don’t know how serious she took that

I have my own issues and trying to work on, I do need to show up better, but it also feels incredibly unfair

God, help. I surrender