College prayer

Please pray for my college University please pray for my college University I I just sensed the need to continue to grad school and it’s been very difficult so please pray for funding for my funding I so feel called to be in a Roman Catholic Hispanic Women’s University so I don’t know if there is one so I just need prayer if not I’ll have to do some searching out and getting educated at home I have my bachelor’s degree for which I thank God for and I need to continue with my Master’s Degree so please pray for my family too that they are willing to participate in my degree plan in some way such as prayer emotional support well-being and just cheering me through college two is difficult so please pray for my students to my own children with they’re in school I hope and pray that they consider maybe graduating from a college before having a family my three younger children at least my oldest daughter has her own family already so please pray for her to continue College college degree plan