please pray for the situation with my brother I just now realized what evil wickedness the college did with my family I did not realize I was a single mom at the time and I had my this person I bet at work and then he went into the college and then so he ended up getting my brother in the HVAC so I need prayer for him to be freed from all this entanglement the people that are really corrupt and greedy I didn’t realize that the boyfriend at the time he took significant advantage of my brother because he was older my brother was young he was just like 13 and he got interested in HVAC for a living He is worried about you know how he was going to earn an income I was dating this guy and he said well and actually it was my dad and brother who were fixing the HVAC at the house and he came along and I happen to work at the Home Remodeling shop near my house so please pray I didn’t realize how much this is such an injustice that he went to college and he did not have an income quite yet that is an injustice to a person to a student so please pray it’s really ugly of course having corrupt so it can’t go it’s an adjusted that it can’t go unpaid so please pray that he have some kind of salary from the college and the people they’ve already been pocket in a lot of money and greediness so please pray for him to be morally strong and that he get his check from the college and from this business person that he went in and found out who his employers were and he went in and took money out of him and the same for my mom this man has been kind of following us around harassing us he finds out who our employers is and then he gets like an a track service contract with them just for us and he doesn’t so in America it’s like it’s nothing but in reality and God’s book is it’s something huge it’s a sin and a fence that it needs punishment really from God but and we need God’s justice in our lives that no man can trespass anymore so please pray

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