Bullying in usps

Father God I pray that you remove this bullying from our workplace c ward always put her mouth on other employees her and dujune towns have stolen so much from the usps he falsified statement against employees he hate lord the father prosecution and sentence this man up under government policies for stealing time delay mail hiding mail chg employees clock ring swip time cards cursing and filing falsified statement against employees he hate this towns and wards got so much hate towards employees they don’t like wards go from one employees to another put her mouth on another carrier that she hate that carriers done told the union and upper management she feels her life is endangered by carla’s ward and dujune towns they always talk bad about this carrier to other employees out loud on the floor and yes everyone seen to think now that these employees of usps is serious making a threat toward that employees they always got their mouth on her Prayer in the usps workplace goes out worldwide To postmaster general Mr Dejoy that he send a team in to removed supervisor dejune towns and carrier carla’s ward yes employees seen to see the hate and violence on HOLIDAY CITY FLOOR AND THERE ARE CLERK’S WALK AROUND MAD CAUSE DUJUNE TOWNS HAVE TAKE CARE OF THEIR TIME LV GOING GET HIM CHIX FA LA ON USPS CLOCK THEY THINK WHAT TOWNS DOES FOR THEM ARE RIGHTS USPS HAVE LOST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN THIS STATION OF STEALING FOR CERTAIN CARRIERS AND CLERK’S THEY SUPPORT SUPERVISOR TOWNS OIG INSPECTOR NEED TO COME AND REMOVED THESE HATEFUL EMPLOYEES TOWNS FILE FALSIFIED EEO REPORTS THE MILLIONS DOLLARS DAMAGED HE DONE DID AGAINST THE USPS THIS MAN SHAME DONT EXISTED AREA MGRS SHOULD HAVE FIRED DUJUNE TOWNS BACK IN FEBRUARY MARCH MAY AUGUST THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS LORD SEND A PRAYER ASAP REMOVED THIS SUPERVISOR AND THAT CARRIERS FOR HER HATEFUL CURSE BULLYING AGAINST ANOTHER EMPLOYEES AMEN

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