Breakage from financial restraints

Being held back, ignored or receiving refusal for financial restrictions to be lifted. I am being sent out to apply for loans. When I have generated my own income that has been either cut or blocked or disconnected from me. Furthermore, my credit report is being held up so I can’t purchase a home. This has been going on for 5 yrs. An Attorney is holding me back from financial success and not self. I have gone through several administrative processes and systems to repairs and challenge these issues. Due to fear of me moving on and forward this man has created several conflicts & confusions surrounding my requests and ability to earn. I always been successful in this area I don’t need this type of blockage or issue from anyone. This man has a problem with me being independent. His goal is for me to stop working and rely of gov’t and apply, apply for things that I don’t need at this time or point. For 5 years I’ve lived under means – for no reason. He has caused nothing but manipulative and lies. Jealous and envious spirits have raised. They all want to know how I think & feel. Like a bunch of fools. I need prayer for this kind of conflicts surrounding and affecting me personally. I want these spirits to leave my life and leave their setbacks alone. 

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