a man who loves and puts GOD first who is made whole and design just the way GOD wants him to be for me and who will love me,honor,respect, protect,trust me love and treat my children like they are his children let him be successful good lover , husband, provider family man always there for me to have my back be supportive and be all of the things that GOD wants him to be for me and only me

for my future husband to come to me ,a huge money blessing breakthrough, a new full time better paying job that steady work with weekends off, to have good health and to loose weight and be better.. To be debt free have my credit score raise to excellent credit to get a house big enough for me and my children and my future husband to have a second vehicle to remove all the panic and anxiety attack away from me the Ptsd away to be better with computers and technology to be better prayers for peace, prosperity, abundance, wealth, salvation, discernment, favor, love , restoration in relationships, quick to listen and slow to respond to let go of past hurt and tramas  ,clarity.

If its God will please send Bennett home to the states to me if he is my future husband and keep him safe and protected while he in the military overseas in the name of Jesus..





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