Women’s ministry

Yes prayer request getting through my Christian College some of the classes are way too long for me so I just pray for God to work in my life too understand and also maybe I’m hoping and pray they could be a little bit shorter but not missing out on that knowledge that I need to do good in life and to really allow my gifts and skills to flourish in life so please pray for my Christian College and university I believe that I could have a seminary education there too so we’re just praying for the best teaching and instructors Hispanics instructors and it may be a woman College so we asked the God for his wisdom truth and knowledge to prevail well in our lives through the Christian College we pray blessings closing the doors of satanic attacks for the students staff teachers instructors in the families so we pray blessings of goodness flow through the college so it’s going to be near my house I’m really hoping and praying for that and we hope and pray I hope and pray for the funding too to be received for this work of the women’s Ministries so we pray for God Allowing God to work in his timing rather than ours so we just wait upon the Lord to manifest himself in his glory and his Splendor amen