Dear Pastor,

Would you agree for complete restoration of my eyesight and for the small hole in the back of my eye to supernaturally heal itself – NO SURGERY REQUIRED ….instead believing that the eye drops will heal the right eye in….. Jesus name…Amen

Also, would agree with me in prayer for my loans to keep closing and for me to originate million dollar loans…..in Jesus name….Amen.

Also agree with me to become stronger in my communications with others and have better writing skills….in Jesus name….Amen

Please agree with me that the tenant in apts. 105 & 205 , stop smoking overnight in their apt and move…..in Jesus name…Amen

We are believing for total restoration his brain and equilibrium of Jackie Grant Sr caused by nerve damage….in Jesus name..

Total healing for AggieH….in Jesus name..Amen…

Thank you for your prayers of agreement!!!

God Bless you!