Update on MOM’s Ukrainian Orphan Relief Fund

Dear Donors,

Thank you for donating to MOM’s Ukraine Orphan Relief Fund.

Today we received word from Tetyana, our Ukrainian liaison, that the Ukrainian Orphans will not be coming to the United States.

  • The word ‘adoption’ was used too many times on the USA side. (Not from us, but just in general). We have even seen Facebook ads – ‘Adopt a Ukrainian Child’. This caused considerable red flags.
  • Many of the orphans actually have a family. Children are often placed in orphanages for reasons besides the loss of parents. Many times their parents could not afford them but remain in their lives. They sometimes go to orphanages to have access to schooling or medical care. This caused concerns for obvious reasons.

Both these reasons we can understand as I am sure you can too.

However, this does not mean help is not needed. It just means we pivot. Tetyana is leaving for Ukraine/Poland in a couple days. She will visit multiple locations to assess what is needed to expand their capacity. They are trying to build a network to better connect those that need supplies and services to those that have supplies and services.

Here is what we, Mighty Oak Ministries, is prepared to do to help:

  • We have raised $1000 dollars in total and with that we are going to purchase 5 Chromebooks to be used for schooling the children who were relocated to Southern Ukraine and Poland.
  • We have offered to go to Ukraine and Poland to build computer labs as well as provide computer training to orphanages who expanded their capacity. Tetyana is going to connect us with the needed channels to do this. She believes Ukraine will be 100% on board with us coming to help. We should know by the end of this month.

How can you help now that things have changed:

  • Pray! Continue to pray for Ukraine and all affected. Pray for us, especially if we go. We have our own children and this is a war ravaged country. We will need prayer coverage.
  • Purchase tablets or computers to send to Ukraine or Poland. We can get you the address for shipping if you’re interested.
  • Donate old but still usable laptops and tablets directly to us. We can give you a donation receipt. Chris will try to refurbish them, update and add needed software. Then we would send them to Ukraine/Poland.
  • Financial donations are still needed to purchase more technology, as well as help with shipping costs. If we are able to go, we will have costs like airfare, transportation, housing, and other expenses during our time there. We could be there a while if the door to help in both Ukraine and Poland opens.

Lastly, thank you for your generous financial donations. Even though the Orphans were unable to come to the USA, we trust that God will bless you for your support and your funds will be put to good use helping the Orphans receive a much needed education. 

God bless you,

Chris and Jessica Engler, Founders
Mighty Oak Ministries MOM Corporation

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