Thanking the Lord to stay for a small victories

At the end of the day I just want to thank the Lord and praise him for his goodness and answer prayers I received a Ministry donations which I’m grateful for and know that my children and I will be good stewards and I’m just thankful for it for the goodness of the ministry and also thinking the Lord for this good people around me that are kind I still haven’t received my full salary so I feel that I’m I’m just waiting and hopefully I can get my daughter to help me so I pray for her that my daughter and my sisters can help me and also that my daughters and my mom could help me with opening my checking account after it being closed so I’m finding it too to pay off Ministry salaries and I just pray at this moment not to robbed by anyone at all into thinking God for for donations received through the crochet blanket we pray to make more blankets for children and moms and to sell them at a decent price for bringing funds for the ministry and for our Merchants to pray for our merchants who are abroad that the Lord blessed them and that we can have a new shipment in quickly so we just thank God and to continue giving our offering and Time Lord May bless it to receive some too