Streaming Service

Dear Jesus,
Please help me get onto the streaming service for answers in genesis. I’m working at this job right now is a seasonal employee but I’m not gonna get the permanent position. There are other jobs but I can’t find good living here so I could either go to the creation, museum and find a good living there or send me back to my job in Nashville and join the film studio on the side, or go back to Alabama for a year and then do something else after that 


What good is having autism when I got me fired twice gets me discriminated. I’m bored and lonely locked up. Can’t find me a girlfriend and the only son out of four kids deceived.

I lost my beautiful home in Alabama was a nice apartment and I was going to move out anyway I could’ve just spent a year there and then moved on. They left too soon. I come up with a Lotta plans we constantly backfire I live in this hotel room, choking from the smoke outside, being just as much just to keep a seasonal position here, I don’t know where I’m going to go after this please help 

over a decade ago, I joined a film, camp for autism, and I had a chance of becoming an actor had to turn it down, went to college and got my degree, and now I’m nowhere, bored and lonely segregated