Self-proclaimed spiritual orphan needs church home

This Sunday, the pastor announced that a  married couple in our church is leaving for another faith. After services, their friend, a single man named Daniel, was just about to cry. He said he wouldn’t feel comfortable going to church without them. He was very hurt by some church schisms in his past, and now thinks he will have to become a “spiritual orphan” once again. The couple that is leaving was very active in our small congregation, and we have been struggling. If we don’t increase in membership, we may have to close in the future. Pls. pray God blesses our membership, esp. Daniel, and increases our congregation. There are some 40,000 people in the community we’re in who lack a church home and we’d like some of them to worship with us, hopefully permanently. Please help us make Daniel and people like him feel loved and at home and welcomed in our church so they don’t have to go it alone.