School year 2024 20

Just one two three tests test 1 2 3 test I need prayer please as the social apps I really respect I pray to respect the Covenant eye Covenant guarding our hearts and our Temple so please pray for my child and my parents and my sisters and my brother my siblings please pray that we can guard our hearts by Garden Covenant with our eyes and even at school the private Christian schools that they need to guard the child’s Covenant with their eyes or having a way too many teachers throughout the school year they only need one teacher I’m not sure what the problem is but they only need if the girls are female show me these female primarily is for them to be studying at home so please pray for this that that’s the child can always be have access to their house my children and my grandchildren when they need to so please pray that this be respect it and my child’s School only in my child school where they’re at I’m not going to worry about all the other schools please pray that my children are you and my son my daughter’s and my son and my in my grandchildren they for my daughter’s discretion not to be knowledge not to be hindered by sin and for this man to stop interfering to step daddy tries to be a dad but he’s done evil and he’s getting into a relationship with my grandchildren please pray that he not bring any confusion in our lives and that he really needs to be in rehab please pray that is Doctor response soon to the situation and sent him into rehab he’s really scaring all of us