Salvation prayer request

He’s of a different religion. He needs to meet strong Christian believers who aren’t worldly hypocrites. He needs to meet spiritually mature Christians who really love the Lord and read their Bibles and are obedient to the Lord’s commands. The hypocrisy of many Christians has been a deterrent to an interest in saving faith as well as in understanding Jesus as God’s son. I can’t explain it very well to him. Please pray he will meet and be friends with such Christians who are spiritually mature and obedient. Pray he will meet people who can explain why he must be born again and that this is the truth and how other religions aren’t right. On a whole there are more pious people in his religion that he has witnessed. It could make a major difference in him coming to the Lord if he met truly pious Christians who can lead him to the truth. Pray he will be saved at God’s appointed time. Thanks for any prayers about this.