Salvation and protection and a Bible

Please pray for a Muslim lady I had seen at the House of the Carpender today. I don’t know her real name, so the Holy Spirit told me to call her Diamond. The reason being (He’s teaching me to see people as diamonds in the rough is also one reason) is because she had diamonds on her red hijab. Pray the Lord gives her dreams and visions of who the Messiah really is. He’s done it to many Muslims, and I know He will do it for her, too.

Also, please pray for a poor old lady there (and her friend). She said she has cancer. Pray the Lord protects her (and her friend who helps her) with the blood of Christ and His angels for she is on a cane and has a lot of trouble walking. Lastly, please also pray for a sister in Christ that was there. She said she liked the Bible I had but she can’t read English. Please pray the Lord sends her a Spanish Bible. That way she doesn’t go hungry and gets the milk. She really needs it.