Restore Family and Church

The dark cloud and chains of the enemy must be broke over my family and church family immediately. That we don’t continue to let the enemy get the last laugh and the final say. I cancel separation and confusion over my family and church family. I plead the blood of Jesus over our lives and future. That God restores and repay us for the years that the locusts has eaten. My family will be reconciled, stronger than ever, and never to be broken again. That the true enemy and demonic forces that has been operating against my family and the church be exposed and cast to the pits of Hell! That God take all things (good, bad, right, wrong) and use for His glory. My family needs restoring. I have been crying and praying for years. The church is at a stand still because of the brokenness and unhealed wombs. Lord, Your Kingdom on Earth is at jeopardy because the enemy thinks he has won. Lord, its my prayer that you cause confusion in the enemies camp. Let our enemies turn on each other. Lord, I pray You take your kingdom back by force. That the spoils of our enemy will be ours. That you uphold us with your Right Hand. I ask all these things in your son Jesus Name. Amen