Praying for my child’s school campus

Hi hi this week we will be learning on campus and some of us at home and we pray to continue learning Christian material for studies and teaching that we can just stay focused on our purpose and be kind compassionate attentive and listening to each other and that God may work out any physical needs that we need such as improvision maybe deliver to our house and that we not be robbed of anything our Earthly and spiritual possessions that they stay in our house are belongings that they return to our house and that nobody steal from our property our private property or land and I would just want to pray also for house phones we still need house phones and we still need computers to communicate and hopefully get an office space to work at that’s not my house need a vehicle to commute so please pray for blessings this week that the children my children may have clear direction of their purpose and to stay on task as well as me that I can have clear direction from God on my purpose we have listening ears to communicate that and hear each other prayers for my sister’s too my parents my brother to continue hopefully hope not be deferred to us in physical provision and hopefully that we can continue having a good Fellowship and stay healthy so one of our sisters Works in nursing amen