Prayers for my business

Hi I just started a few so many tots thoughts on what’s my new direction is I retired from nursing work to nursing over 20 years so now I just need the Lord to relate to call me with the Holy Spirit agenda comes spirit and to really allow him to really that are not not go to force sometimes with my own thinking but really be Holy Spirit Led in the new direction that I am to go in my life after my retirement and I have a few accounts and I just have a few connections too and I just pray and hope I can connect with the right person that can help me manage these funds I don’t want to be suffering from someone who being too stingy like in my last Financial relationship these people were very stingy after I encourage them and help them for so many years over 20 years they never even gave me a dime they’re really suckers some really recovering emotionally from that so please pray for me I don’t want to be around these people anymore ever again oh God