Prayer request prayer request

Hi I purchased a van Freightliner and it’s just been in my car since 2018 in my carport so please pray the Lord’s anointing blessing and wisdom for it that’s how I use it I could either it’s a USPS b a n Freightliner but it’s really for my use since the stickers were taken off so I could either use it for that or something else such as Ministry so please pray for me as how to best use it for what purpose have I been created to drive it or use it or Minister Lord God so we’re praying this week and also for my car’s Ministry I have several vehicles that were towed from my property after car accidents but really it was seeing it through my perspective there was really no right for them to tell those Vehicles even though there was an accident I already paid the check and I paid the vehicle myself I paid for that vehicle cash growing up I work so those tow trucks were Towing my car after a car accident which is really I kind of know why they why that accident happened it’s really not at my fault possibly not even the other guy’s fault either but I know what I am responsible for and it’s getting those cars back because it was not my fault and I paid for those vehicles and I have insurance and I’ve been paying over 20 years insurance so those vehicles are rightly mine so please pray for me as I’m going to get him back several vehicles and these guys are absurd making decisions so I don’t want them making decisions for me anymore so please pray God’s anointing wisdom and yes it is possible for me to get my cars going amen