Prayer request

 please pray for one of the one of the teachers at the local College I think she was teaching and she didn’t really have her salary secured so please sometimes we hope and pray and have faith and we don’t want it to end up looking like a lie to the Lord so please forgive us the Lord God and help us Lord God with tongue to speak truthfully and with our words with our words and be honest and sincere too in our prayer life and as one talks with another person or Jesus please help us not be deceived bless us Lord God forgive us Lord God May grant us repentance for not knowing all the truth sometimes we don’t know Lord God so we ask for forgiveness Lord Jesus and that you may continue working on our lives through the relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible and sound Doctrine or Jesus Christ so that we may live securely in our college campus and at our house with her within one family Lord Jesus and and it pleases God we pray for a salary Lord Jesus for our staff faculty teachers Lord Jesus in the women’s ministry Lord God Amen for me this prayer includes me I pray not to be out of things in my own prayers I want to be included