Prayer request

Please pray for my office for counseling in my public profile public Professional Profile and I pray that it may be used to bring an income to my children and me many times I have no probably my child needs me to step in for them or need to be there for them and they sometimes need to be purified from the Love of of money as well as me when these difficult times come and sometimes they I think sometimes I doubt that I don’t have enough to pay or do for them so please help us overcome those seeds of doubts in our lives like sometimes they want me to help but they think I can’t and then I feel like I can’t either we’re going through counseling at this moment so I just pray for my little office where I can work from home and also one out in the community that I can be safely staff with good equip people along with my children and that we may just overcome those seeds of doubt doubting me that I can gain an income amen