Prayer request

Nice prayers for for my daughter and I while I was working in nursing the school and a counselor somehow managed and my ex spouse they managed to convince me that my daughter needed help I heard it from so many sources it really wasn’t true but they really weakened me and they we can hurt it’s like the counselor and then the school what does the big entity and then it was the spouse and at the college in the business that he worse were and then the church the the counselor was at the church but I was working as a nurse I was attacked by all these sources until was my daughter so I just asked prayers for her and I ain’t got to anointing wisdom I hoping we never I hope we never run across these people and that no one ever forces us to do anything again just like that that’s not what we want so it really weakened my moral in my conscience I just need prayer for today to recover from that and so does my daughter please strength and courage and anointing wisdom