Prayer request

Please pray at at this moment I encourage you to pray I have a bad situation happened to me this Center dad continues coming into the house in the morning and he’s getting very troublesome he has been asking indecent questions to my children help and pray that this would stop and you just continues every morning just coming into the house and taking my children away I’m starting to know it’s not right I followed charges for against this person I still don’t have a secure church so I pray to have everyone secured in my church at least a small church building where I can meet with my family as this man has inflicted us with so much craziness you just knows too many people and they are opening and he’s just Opening Our Lives because we need to receive first good instruction No One Church to their sins so we pray a shield of faith of covering from the Sinners path we don’t know where he’s coming from at night he just comes in the morning and takes the children to schools off campus that I have I haven’t had a presence in Dover 2 years my daughter since she’s been in 9th grade so it’s it’s starting to be terrible that the school does this the school allows a sinner dad in the house like that he has not repented all this years so please pray the mom needs to have a social relationship and he’s trying to use the children to get away with sin so please pray for the Salvation of these children and me today and for the church to repent cuz it’s their acting just the same these things that they say that the private Christian schools are no different than the public schools is starting to be scary full true they have not called me whatsoever since 3 years now no one just this last year the school the public school did reach out to me this year actually but it was over one year they did not reach out to me so please pray that the Lord anoint me with instruction and got leave fear of the Lord as I need to have that Assurance of my salvation and my child salvation each and every day and I’m working on a wedding right now but the center dad keeps trying to get in the way and he’s trying to keep everything around these children and using false teaching tactics and really I don’t want to give anyone a chance right now to mess with my life so please pray covering for me