Prayer requests for this couple who has a child a girl child and the mom has already children outside of that relationship please pray for them I reached out and try to disciple them so please pray that maybe they can get some of the word and somehow receive counseling if there’s any addiction please pray that that addiction Maybe dealt with maybe treated if there’s any addiction to alcohol or anything or work workout for the safety of the daughter Lord Jesus Christ please Lord God make you do what you need to do in this couple Lord God of prevent abuse and violence Lord Jesus to have the Lord God please help address this problem in society with Children of the child abuse through God and alcohol and work abuse or Jesus Christ I pray for the parents of this of this couple or Jesus also Lord God that you may deal with anything that needs to Lord Jesus too repent them to bring her to Salvation and living the way you want them to Lord God that you want them to be safe for Jesus Christ that you reach out to them Lord Jesus for their own salvation and obedience oh Lord God please protect our creational God Amen

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