Prayer request

 please pray for my please pray for my daughters my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed over to I really don’t believe I think it’s not true a lot of this Dental stuff now and please pray for my tooth a tooth that I can naturally grow back the reason I had I had a molar not removed but it was they put sealers on it and I I don’t want any more invasive technology on my teeth my children she’s on my grandchildren I want anything on it I think they’re going to grow fine I could just use over the counter homeopathic so please pray that the Lord just that she can be like interested in learning and how to manage for her Oral Care then I have another student who is studying possibly optometrist a homeopathic so please pray for us so that we can really throughout this phase that we can really receive freedom from resentment and it starts with my mom and eyes relationship and my parents my dad and my mom of course in my sisters and my brother making sure that we don’t have any resentment or hard and holding on to those grudges we need freedom and healing from that so please pray for us I have a counseling appointment and hopefully it goes well with my children and I and grandchildren and also all the families it’s going to be a long time I’ll do this but through this all we can continue with our studies and health science so I’m very unfortunate that I did do some eye exams on my students and it was not invasive on my first study as a as a student intern at that time it was with health science in a school campus so I’m God is good amen