Prayer request

Please pray for me this week my car has been towed from my own property by an ex spouse and the officers for no and reason he ended up selling the car and getting one for my daughter but he doesn’t give her freedom and he’s still trying to plot and plan for her to be in soccer practice I clearly said no and it doesn’t seem clear to him so please pray for me and my daughter and my children and I again I’m having to overcome this area in my life and it’s not right that he did that he took the car and I was driving it to the library near my house and nobody seems to care nobody gives a crap report anything so I reported it to an investigator who was harassing me about some threats that attendant made so please pray for me this week but hopefully this legal issue resolves soon the office just seem like they’re not doing nice people to me but anyway I hope and pray that this situation clears for my best that I am innocent and I don’t agree with that statement statement is until proven guilty so please pray that I not be suffering from others into acts of Injustice and same for my children we need so much prayer that the Lord repent these people for even thinking of calling the police department when I am that kind of the owner and I am and I am the person I have a right to own a property and live without fearing threats from people and from the government it’s really a shame I try to help him so much so please pray for us