Prayer request

 please pray for me for me this has long bothered me for a while it was a man from South the Border Mexican he’s not from the Mexican Government but he stopped by the house with a small group he said he was a pastor from the Evangelical Church and he asked for like just without any shame he asked for us to give him a plot of land from my property that I so hard work for it I totally refuse I never told him that but I totally refuse to know that I’m stingy but I’m having already difficulty getting from rent from my tenants from the tenants where I lease a property I worked in nursing for over 20 years and sudden my parents my parents rented and they were had to pay what a good citizen does this has to pay their rent so I think it would be an unfairness to my parents always to give you a land so they also so that my parents also purchase their own home so this man I later find out he called a spouse and was spotted inside my house as I came home after facing a persecution situation it’s real and he has spotted inside my house and my children happened to be inside the house and I don’t like this man ever again near me or my children just because it’s like I’ve taken a lot of classes on Child Abuse Prevention and the best way to prevent is just trying to stay out of my life it’s it’s not necessary for him like he has for me to be around this person either for my children so I just asked for prayer place I’m in my property now and it’s with those same people who have threatened me to call the police and they certainly did they filed police reports these people in the area that I live in two cases already but I was in a bad accident is not even my fault the guy rear-ended me and they just allowed them to leave the police officer and they filed arrest and I never understood those court cases and when I was a teenager but now I realized that those cases leave too legal I understood that and I was so naive that this person really said she was a defensive driving instructor she was ridiculing me in public it was so embarrassing and I was like the only Hispanic there and I was tired of it so I don’t want to be ever around any situation like that where I’m being minority person or in a diverse relationship so it was very intimidating now I don’t ever want to go through that again so I’m in this lot my property my house is looking a lot where those two tenants are now constantly worried if they’re going to call the police on me which they don’t have a right because it’s I have a right to own a property and live as a good citizen inside my house without being harassed especially during this time it’s already school year so may the Lord just pour out his anointing Grace in my life and God’s wisdom and how to live and how to solve this problem that I’m