Prayer for healing

To be completely honest with you I feel trapped in my faith. I’m at the point of not knowing what else to do. No matter how hard I fight… the stronghold of lust in my life always wins out. No one knows my struggle and I can’t find the strength to confess it to anyone. It just seems that no matter what I can’t confess my struggle with lust. For me the consequences of my actions would be too difficult. My addiction would impact my wife, community and others in a drastic way.I feel a constant weight and tension of this I confessed sin. I’m absolutely exhausted and I’m tired of running. I want true deliverance and freedom from this sin struggle. I know that Jesus has more for me. I know he desires for me to walk in freedom just as much as I do. I have the theological understanding of justification and sanctification. I know that forgiveness comes from confession to  God. I know that healing begins when we confess to others… so I’m reaching out with all that I have to you for prayer.

I’m praying as I’ve asked God for forgiveness and confess to you that I can find healing today. I pray today is the last day I ever battle with my addiction to lust. 


I’ve battled with an addiction to pornography since I was 13. It’s followed me around and I can’t get outside of its power. Through scripture I know that I’m an overcome through Christ – so today I’m taking my step of obedience. I’m confessing my sin to you and begging God for freedom. What has been in the dark is being brought into light.


I already feel such a weight off of my chest. Thank you so much. Pray that today God breaks down this stronghold.