Need urgent prayers

Please pray for me, my son, his girlfriend and our families. I upset someone who practices some other forms of religions and they have been obsessively going on our social media and our work/company websites making ungodly comments. We have multiple family members with medical concerns and I am uncomfortable with their unhealthy interests in some of us. They have not done anything that warrants a police report yet but they are unwell somehow and it alarms me for my loved ones. Please pray for my group. Please don’t stop praying. My son has had over 1 million dollars in medical in the past 2 years and just had some serious surgery with complications. He is a kind loving, wonderful young man who has dealt with a rare condition since birth. He nor we need added stress the person has caused us. My son is improving though but this situation causes stress we don’t need. Please continue to pray for us. Please keep this request off of public pages or forums and keep it completely anonymous that way but if you can please share with other confidential prayer partners. Please, please don’t stop praying when we come to mind. My son has been through SO much. Please pray for our protection, provisions and health and privacy especially.
Please also pray for this person and their friends who believe in similar things that God will change them. Please pray for what they truly need so they won’t do these kind of things to us or others ever again.