Need some prayer and guidance for this stressful situation my mother is facing

We have come home to see and take care of my grandfather.  He has done a lot of harm to my mother. He has taken her jewelry and sold it to buy a house. He also took most of her jewelry and did not give it back. He also bought my aunt two houses, but will not do the same for my mom. He keeps berating her and telling her she’s the one who stupid and doesn’t care about her things. It’s very hurtful for me to just hear. I can’t imagine my mother’s pain. My aunt also is trying to take my mother’s jewelry and inheritance. I don’t understand why they are doing this to her. She has done nothing wrong except for caring for these people. Why does she have to suffer for these people when all they do is blame her for the problems they have caused. My mother’s health is also suffering because of these stressful situations.

I also am looking for work at the moment. I would like to find a job so I can give my mom some peace of mind and I will be able to take her out of these situations. I am lost and confused and brokenhearted that my grandfather and aunt are the ones causing problems for my mother. Please help me find a stable income to take my mother from this situation and these people. 

I need some guidance and hope that this problem will be solved and my mother is safe and healthy. I have no one to turn to except God. I pray that he helps me make the right decision for me and my mom and to keep what is rightfully hers. I hope she is able to face these people and handle their problems. I hope everything will be finished for her and she will no longer have to suffer because of these people.