My professional invocational wardrobe attire

So please pray for the girls as the girls and I and my grandchildren too and my sisters and my brother and my grandparents my mom and my dad please pray for us that you too if you need prayer invite you to this prayer for those that need for us that need clothing we just pray for an abundance of Life clothing for this school year and throughout who we be prepared for the winter Lord Jesus Christ so we just pray for the shoes the socks had a tire scarves bells for Jesus Christ may you abundantly provide for us forgive us for I don’t know why the shortcomings this year on clothing shoes and socks were bad so we pray Lord God that we can work with our hands and earn a living in I have my retail business so please pray for my retail business too to bloom and that I not suffer from scarcity that it be abundant to supply and even make sure it’s to get some of those shirts that have scriptures on them and it be a Christian wardrobe I’m really looking forward to it so I just pray the Lord bless the work of my hands amen