Many problems in our home

Please pray for my son and his best friend they both need supernatural deliverance from drugs. They have tried rehab and Drs and on their own nothing worked. They need gods supernatural intervention. My husband had a stroke and can’t work, I am his caregiver and have disabilities myself . We are very poor since we can’t work, we live on our social security only. Our water heater is leaking, but thankfully still able to work for now. I just collect the leaking water and empty it several times a day, it’s in our hallway. Then our refrigerator quit working, my son got it so the freezer part can be used as a temporary fridge but it could stop all together any time, same with the water heater. I have been dealing with never having enough money to live on for so long. My car also has had the engine fixed since before his stroke he took it all apart it’s all in our garage. My husband would never listen to me about doing things to provide for our retirement and old age, he never had retirement at his jobs. I had it and some stocks and life insurance but had to cash it all in to live on but it’s been gone for a long time. So I have anger towards him because I feel it’s his fault we are in this horrible position. Please pray, we need so much from the Lord it doesn’t look like there is any way to get out of all these evil negative circumstances. I need faith to believe, I’ve almost lost all hope. I think it’s too much to bare. Satan has stolen everything from me. My husband, son, car, home, belongings.  Thank you and God bless you for your prayers.