Father God prayed for a powerful rain spirit storm that will clean audit the city of memphis lord’s God to much hostile supervisor and mgrs in our workplace stealing from the usps lies on employees they hate delay mail cursing calling employees out of they name talking about certain employees like a dog no lord God they can’t hide yes it will come to the light cause no matter what the area mgr want do God’s see everything these two mgrs are doing in our station yes they hostile towards me and others they pick fight on the workplace floor they tell the big bullying to interact loudness out on the floor Father God you know but postmaster general don’t know how many times the mgrs put a rural carriers name up under a city carriers rt in order for a rural carriers to carry mail for a city carrier who refuses to carry any apts in the city of memphis but it’s mgrs biggest fear they going to hurt someone in this station tn district Washington DC you don’t know the hurt pain the hostile cursing tampered with rural carriers time that this mgrs and supervisor have done towards certain employees in holiday city usps lord God they try to used they weapons to abuse their authority in the workplace mr postmaster general dejoy you don’t know what certain employees go thru in this station and your station mgr quick to say bid out if only you knee what this man have stolen from the usps how much time delay mail cursing yes cursing which is zero tolerance in the usps he don’t care no shame cause he done came in contact with money he step all over on the employees he hate big bad talk about the one he don’t like but only if you new how he have dog employees tell employees back in January February don’t hit the clock let his people the one he favor leaves go home and still got pay plus overtime if they put up more then one route here it is amazon been delayed on a rural rt so he can please his clicks lord I hear one of the carriers say don’t worry it’d camera in this station the area mgr may not pull them but in due time God will mr postmaster general dejoy they already cause so much hurt pain lying cursing name calling send your team in this station in the city of memphis need you everyone’s say if no one stop these two mgrs it’s going to be worst in what happens at east Lamar these mgrs pick certain employees they like to start fight every employees in this station is in the care of the usps Father God help your children we are in the midst of a hostile mgrs teams  amen

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