Homeschoolers Technologies

For my homeschoolers my homeschoolers if you may please join me in prayer I am in an obligation to print out copies for my students so it’s a lot of lesson planning I just think pouring out of the Lord’s wisdom for me anointing I’m sure there’s already a lot of good quality material out there but where I live I’m still struggling with my printer this person really grabbed my printers and threw them out like three times some of them I don’t know why this person did my guess is suffer from Mental Health crisis and was really abused at home he threw up my printers and tossed them and he can’t stand a woman learning her teaching so I just need anointing prayer for deliverance from the Demonic spirit and I also need to print them because it’s an obligation to my students so I just pray if you may please pray for me otherwise for a solution for this problem I could walk to the library I’m grateful there’s a library nearby where I can walk is still no pedestrian cross crosswalks my the same person took my vehicle and sold it so I also need to recover a vehicle so please pray somebody with kind of notice these things and or something that’s embarrassing and said I don’t know how to pray in the situation so if you could please pray for me and also for me to have a budget I don’t want to be asking people a lot iron a salary and I pay for thanks and I also received payment sometimes for the services that I render so if you may please pray for me because this person has due to the Mental Health crisis they have set me back financially so please pray for me it’s also to help out my own sisters who I don’t want them to fall behind in their knowledge and intellect so I need to give him access to this information for their own career purpose and growth amen