Home and Job

dear Jesus, I do not like my job I have seasonal position at Kentucky. Help me either transfer to a Nother seasonal position here and have a good home or a permenant in a better position or help me get back to either Alabama or Nashville Alabama I had a nicer home but Nashville had a better job, they were also more convenient to walk in distance for affordable living  if I could live in Nashville and become a star, that would be nice not a big star, but be in movies or have my luxury home back in Alabama.


Why do I ask to be a star because all my life I’ve been ignored, trying to come up with good ideas write books for children, rejected so many times laughed at my college life was robbed same with high school to boredom loneliness. Homework all I ever do that’s socializing with other kids. I did more socialization in high school, but not much in college made friends who ditched me, all he could ever focus on his homework. I’m glad at least got the degree.