Faith over fear and facts

My prayer request is that God continues to heal my broken heart. My husband’s sins are covered by God. Because God is Love and love covers a multitude of sin. May the lord continue to expose my enemies that have been working against my marriage and family. Lord I pray that my enemies continue to turn and fight each other. Lord I prayer their spoils will benefit my family. Put my enemies to shame. Let our enemies become out footstool in the name of Jesus.

Send your angelic angels to my home and family’s homes.

I pray for healing and restoration for my daughter. Keep her covered from the enemy. Lord close all doors the enemy has opened in her life. I pray she learns to forgive her abuser. Lord, I pray you give her triple for her trouble.

I Pray for the other children and grandchild. I know what the worlds justice looks like, but God you have the final say. Your vengeance is greater than man’s.

Lord your way is not our way. Your thoughts aren’t our thoughts. So pray for favor in the legal system. Erase the facts and let faith be over fear!

I prayed that my husband continues to repent and lean on you. Heal and restore him as a Christian man. A Godly man.

Bless our finances. Erase our debt. Erase the facts. Turn our bad for good and work it in our favor.

Give me strength and wisdom as a single mother. Give my husband and I new direction to continue to lead this family in this new chapter. Lord bless my family with a church home.

Heal, restore, and reconcile my family. May the Blood of Jesus be upon my family. Bless my husband, children, and in laws.

I pray God makes the enemy turn in shame! I pray our enemies turn and destroy each other, and we receive their spoils in the name of Jesus. Amen